The Retro Nintendo Gamer Bundle

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NES RetroN Gaming System + 2 RetroN Controllers

When Hunting Ducks & Saving Princesses From Giant Turtles Was A Thing

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Get back to basics with the Granddaddy of all gaming systems – the original Nintendo. A new take on a classic, the RetroN 1 gaming console plays all your favorite Nintendo NES titles, and is compatible with all NES controllers and peripherals, like the light gun and NES Advantage.


If your OG Nintendo system is broken, caked with dust, or otherwise unplayable - the RetroN 1 is a perfect (and smaller) NES Replacement. It's a great way to relive all those hours of 8-Bit gaming or introduce a younger gamer to the classics. *TOP FEATURES*
  • Lightweight (1.55 lbs)
  • Two controllers included
  • Top-loading mechanism for game cartridges (fixes screen-flashing issues in original NES)
  • Compatible with all NES controllers and peripherals
  • Includes GameGenie (cheats!)
  • Small in size, convenient to travel with


  • One (1) RetroN 1 Gaming System
  • Two (2) RetroN Controllers
  • AV Cable
  • AC Adapter

NES Tomee Controller & Zapp Gun

You'll Need These

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This controller features a 7-pin connector, eight-way directional pad and four buttons, and works on any NES system or any other system that support NES controllers. This Tomee NES controller is the closest thing to the original controller that you'll find on the market. If you love playing your NES titles, but no longer have a working controller, it's a perfect replacement. *TOP FEATURES*
  • Compatible with Nintendo and NES replica systems
  • 7-pin controller connector
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Four digital buttons


An electric light gun accessory for the NES gaming system. It is compatible with all NES titles that utilize the NES Zapper, including Duck Hunt, Robotic Operating Buddy, Laser Invasion, Shooting Range, and many more. If you need a replacement for your original NES Zapper, this is it. *TOP FEATURES*
  • Constructed of high-quality plastic
  • Compatible with NES or Famicom gaming system
  • Classic two-tone color and revolver styling


  • One (1) Tomee NES Controller
  • One (1) Tomee NES Zapp Gun

Two NES Games

We Figured You'd Want To Choose Them Yourself

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Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Spy Hunter...the list goes on. Choose from thousands of classic Nintendo NES games and relive your childhood, adolescence, or introduce these true originals to the gamer in your household too young to remember them.


It's been 20+ years since these hit the market, and they're still some of the most addictive, entertaining, and challenging games ever made. Call us old-fashioned, or maybe just nostalgic, but they really just don't make them like they used to.


A $10-off coupon code for the purchase of NES games on We said two NES games above, but if you pinch your pennies, you could get three, as prices vary. *Please Note* - Prices and availability of games vary, so please check to make sure the games you want are in stock before purchasing this bundle. Click HERE to go to JJGames NES Shop.


  • No refunds, all sales are final
  • Promotion includes console, controller, Zapp gun, and two NES games
  • Promotion available to customers in the Continental US & Canada ONLY
  • Component cables will work on any HDTV or PC
  • Sale price includes shipping for console, controllers, and Zapp gun
  • NES Games ship free to the Continental US, Canadian customers pay $5 flat fee shipping
  • Please allow up to three (3) weeks for delivery