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The Puzzlebox Orbit is a brain-controlled helicopter used to practice skills of concentration and mental relaxation. Orbit uses positive reinforcement in a fun, visual, and physical way so users can learn to better maintain focus and relieve stress. Based on brainwave readings from the included EEG headset, the free mobile app will instruct the helicopter to hover, spin, or fly across the room. Your levels of attention and mental clarity are displayed in realtime so you can see whether you need to focus or relax to get your helicopter to react.


How can you not love a helicopter that you can fly with your mind? The idea seems like it is right out of a Sci-Fi movie, but don't be fooled, you can use your mental prowess to influence flight and increase your focus and concentration skills. The interactive app also allows you to compete against your friends by collecting points based on difficulty setting and length of flight. Challenge your comrades to a battle of the minds, and see whose head gets the biggest. You will also have access to the complete documentation and source code so you can examine, learn and customize Orbit to fit your own needs, then learn to apply these amazing mind control powers to other gadgets and technologies. TOP FEATURES
  • Train your ability to achieve and maintain concentration
  • Trigger flight by reaching your personal target mental states
  • Once airborne, steer the Orbit by tilting your mobile device forward, backward, and side-to-side
  • Score points for how long you can keep your Orbit flying
  • Higher difficulty levels score more points faster
  • Gain access to the entire NeuroSky app store for mobile and desktop brain games and applications


A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner "But here on the Showstoppers floor, we came across the type of gadget that gets us positively giddy: the Puzzlebox Orbit....Hack-happy geeks take note, Puzzlebox encourages your creative tinkering, so it's made the software open source, opening the door to any number of applications." - Joseph Volpe - engadget "The toy and concept is fun and certainly the main draw, but the true purpose lies in the open code and hacking guides." - Gizmag


  • Puzzelbox Orbit works with all Apple iOS and most popular Android phones and devices. HTC One (m7) is the only major unsupported device
  • Free Puzzlebox Orbit App


  • Puzzlebox Orbit brain-controlled helicopter
  • NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset
  • Infrared transmitter
  • USB Charging cable
  • Spare helicopter blades


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