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Every Designer & Developer's Indispensable UI Tool

By The Iconfactory | in Software


Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope is a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. xScope is eight tools in one, all quickly available via the Mac OS X menu bar. The app’s flexible tool set floats above desktop windows and UI elements making measuring a breeze.


xScope is, without a doubt, one of the most useful development tools available on the Mac today, it's like a UI Swiss Army Knife that no designer or developer should be without. It'll save you countless hours by making measuring, inspecting and comparing on-screen elements as easy and painless as possible. Plus, you can test your designs on mobile devices quickly, check accessibility for color blind users, set up on-screen guides that float over all other apps to compare alignment and much more. TOP FEATURES
  • Mirror - Effortlessly view your designs and applications on iOS while you work on them from your Mac.
  • Dimensions - Instantly find the dimensions of any on-screen element simply by rolling your mouse cursor over it.
  • Rulers - Powerful on-screen rulers for precise pixel measurements that include scaling, rotation, and edge snapping.
  • Screens - Inspect your usable screen real estate with dozens of templates for computers, TV’s and mobile devices.
  • Loupe - Magnify part of your screen, copy colors and simulate how colors appear to users with vision impairments.
  • Guides - Display vertical and horizontal guides that float on top of the screen for easy alignment.


4.5/5 Mice - MacWorld 9/10 Rating - HTML HelpSoftonic


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

ColorSchemer Studio 2

A Professional Color Matching Application That'll Satisfy Your Inner Designer

By ColorSchemer | in Software


ColorSchemer Studio 2 is THE professional color-matching application for your Mac. The beauty of this app is it's ability to quickly generate first-class color schemes so you can waste less time with minor details and really focus on the high level aspects of your design projects.


We know designers and we know whipping up a original color scheme isn't always easy. Colorschemer Studio 2 allows takes the hassle out creating sharp color combinations. Just point the app in the artistic direction of your choice and quickly weed through a number of color schemes until you find the perfect match for your design needs. This tool should, without a doubt, be in every designers shed.


  • Create and save color palettes
  • Identify color harmonies
  • Choose from millions of pre-made color schemes
  • Pull unique palettes from photos or images
  • Transform a single color into a complete color scheme
  • Mix colors and create gradient blends
  • View colors through colorblind eyes


"I am so color deprived -- which is so sad considering how I make my living -- that I seriously use this app whenever I start a new design." -Adam H. "This is certainly a fantastic piece of kit for any serious web designer and it has certainly saved me a lot of hours in rework." -Ade R. "I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for what has got to be one of the most amazing, functional, helpful and useful site design tools on the Internet." Andrew K.


  • Requires OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • Available in English

Painter Lite

Award-Winning Digital Art Software

By Corel | in Software


Welcome to the original natural-media software that provides the most realistic digital art experience with intuitive brushes, rich paper textures, and other artistic tools. Make a seamless transition from canvas to computer as you feel how a digital Stylus behaves just like traditional art media. High-quality painting and sketching tools are now within reach. Painter Lite brings you the best of both worlds: award-winning digital art software at a getting-started price. It is the natural way to start! 


  • Renowned digital art software customized for aspiring pros
  • The most realistic natural-media painting experience
  • Wide range of brush categories includes 97 brushes
  • Intuitive media behaves like traditional art tools
  • Easy-to-use interface, navigation and features
  • Ease into the world of digital art
Corel® Painter™ Lite is a powerful starter desktop app created exclusively for aspiring digital artists!


"Rated 4.5/5" - (US) "Whether you're a student or transitioning from traditional to digital, you'll find all you need in Corel Painter Lite to get started." - Sandra Trainor "It truly is a great paint program for those starting out or professional." -


  • Mac OS® X 10.7 or later
  • Intel® Core™ Duo
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 150 MB of HD space for application files
  • Mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution


Turn Photoshop Layer Styles To CSS3 Instantly

By Piffle, LLC | in Software


One of the biggest problems designing websites in Photoshop is that time-consuming period after your design gets approval, when you have to work through it layer by layer, converting your design to CSS. The CSS Hat plugin installs in Photoshop and generates CSS (or LESS/SASS/Stylus) based on your layer styles. It only takes a few seconds to copy the code to your clipboard, and paste into your CSS file.


Based on our own actual experience of designing websites this tool provides a solution for one of the most tedious tasks in the web designer/developer workflow. Happily used by thousands of customers all over the globe and awarded with a very high rating from the reviewers. Since its beginning mentioned as a must have Photoshop extension. TOP FEATURES
  • CSS Code Instantly In Photoshop.
  • Support For 3 CSS Preprocessors - Choose SASS, LESS or Stylus. They even created a LESS Hat library for you.
  • Customizable Output Is Your Servant - Use optional vendor prefixes or dimensions to get the maximum value.


"We first covered this plugin back in April when its creators won the Prague Startup Weekend event. Since then, it has clearly undergone plenty of polish, and has become a go-to resource for me overnight; a tool to help quickly transfer designs from Photoshop to the Web." - TheNextWeb "It is hard to not recommend CSS Hat to those who work in the web design field. CSS Hat is a powerful time saver, and a powerful learning tool for those out there who lack CSS knowledge." (9/10) - MacAppStorm


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Photoshop CS4 or higher


Design Your Own Websites Quickly & Easily

By Before Dawn Solutions, Inc. | in Software


Streamline the website creation and maintenance process with this Web HTML Editor. Whether you need to edit Ruby, SQL, Cold Fusion, PHP, HTML, Javascript or CSS, you’re covered. The software is completely scriptable using your favorite scripting language and the integrated User Script Manager. Use the same code snippet over and over again, we have you covered, use the Code Snippet Library and discover new snippets on


With all of the features you would expect in a Text/HTML editor, but without the complicated UX, this simply is a product that makes your editing needs quicker and easier to complete. If you're looking to dig deeper and customize, you can. Whether it's adding scripts to do specific tasks or create your own color scheme, it's all at your disposal. TOP FEATURES
  • Subversion Integration - Support for Subversion source control management is built in. Edit, diff, commit, and more without leaving skEdit.
  • HTML Tidy - Clean up your markup with the integrated HTML Tidy support, or create your own Tidy operations.
  • Code Completion - Code completion for built-in functions, classes, etc. skEdit will even index your own files, so custom functions, classes, etc. will show up too.
  • Extensible Editing - Easily add support for new languages or tweak existing languages. For each language, you can customize the syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion, code navigator, and code indexing.
  • Live preview in browser - Preview as plain HTML or run the file through your webserver first. Preview live within skEdit for rapid development.
  • Snippets - Package frequently used pieces of text into snippets, accessible via key-command or keyword completion. Include variables for selected text and cursor placeholders.
  • Projects - Create projects from local, remote, or mixed files. Easily access and edit projects from the Project Manage.
  • User Scripts - Write scripts in the language of your choice to automate common tasks.
  • Search - Search one or many files quickly using regular expressions. Easily perform project-wide search-and-replace.
  • Remote Files - Edit files over FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV using the same interface used for any files. Your changes can be applied to the server immediately or at a time of your choosing.


“Been using skEdit now for over 5 yrs. Hands down the best web coding app I have ever touched. The hinting, snippets, corrections and very lean app make this the best bang for my $ I have found.” - reTech


  • OS: OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Pixa Original

An Invaluable Image Management & Sharing App

By Shiny Frog | in Software


Like a good Stevie Wonder song, this app will get your images collected, designed, delivered - all effortlessly improving your workflow. This invaluable tool helps organize and manage your pictures, so you can quickly find and share them. Don't worry about compatibility, it supports all the image formats you need: psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, bmp, gif, ico, icns, eps, tga, raw, LittleSnapper, Pixen, Acorn, Sketch and Pixelmator. Seriously, every format you have it does.


If you're a designer or graphic artist, you probably scour the web for inspiration on a regular basis - making all the images you find and store on your hard drive a little unwieldy because you have to go back and tag them later - no more, Pixa does this for you. This is truly one of the best companion apps for designers that we've seen, it'll help you organize your image files like never before.


  • Auto Tagging - Auto tags useful information like colors, size, web addresses, extensions and metadata for your imported images
  • Live Folders - Enables you to organize images without moving them from their original location
  • Export & Share - Accomplish this crucial task quickly and easily. Full Dropbox, CloudApp and Imgur integration, as well as the standard Mac OS X sharing options
  • Screenshot Tool - Powerful yet easy-to-use tool lets you grab screenshots or snap full web page images
  • OS X Integrations - Quicklook, full screen, Mountain Lion share panel and gestures
  • Extensions - Pixa comes with a free extension for Safari and Chrome. Click the button and every picture, background or linked image on a web page will be in your control


"Pixa allows you to organize your image clippings fast and efficiently so you can concentrate on your creativity instead." (8/10) - MacAppStorm


  • OS: OS X 10.7.3 or later
  • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - A single user may install and use software on multiple computers
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? - No time limit
  • Does it include updates? - All updates of version 1 are free


Create Abstract Backgrounds, Lighting Texts & More With This Brilliant App

By Neatberry | in Software


Paint with *smoke*. This unique bitmap editor allows you to brush and render stunning graphics resembling smoke. Create abstract backgrounds, lighting texts, art-house drawings, whatever you can imagine, this brilliant tool will help convert that idea into a painting. You'll have a masterpiece in just a few mouse clicks.


If you're looking for a conventional graphics editor, look elsewhere. Fumy gives you a completely unique type of brush that can create stunning graphics with the simplest mouse movements. TOP FEATURES
  • Two drawing styles: smoke & lightning
  • Proper layers support
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, PNG and any other format supported by Mac OS


"Smoke application has zero learning curve, so you can start using it immediately after the first run. This application can be used either like a kind of creative suite or a tools for professionals who need some stunning graphics to be added to other artwork." - DailyAppShow


  • OS: Mac OS 10.6 or higher
  • Languages: English, Russian

Photoshop Design Templates

Expertly Designed, Time-Saving Assets For Your Design Collection

By Ultimate Bundles | in Design


Ten templates in fully layered Photoshop files that allow you to easily change text, fonts, colors, layout, and more. TOP FEATURES
  • Files are designed for beginner and expert designers.
  • Highly organized & fully layered Photoshop documents for easy editing.
  • Easy to replicate, get started within minutes.


*Computer Business Flyer Template* - Flat design business flyer in two different sizes. Perfect for all types of businesses looking for a modern look. *Rock Festival Music Flyer* - Comes with 3 color variations and two different sizes. This flyer is perfect for music festivals, concerts, charity events and other entertaining events. *Vintage Music Festival Flyer* - Again, 3 color variations and two different sizes. An alternative to the template above if you're looking for a more classic look. *Jazz Music Festival Flyer* - A cutting-edge jazz festival Photoshop flyer template to attract those Miles Davis aficionados. *MicroBrewery Business Cards* - Presented in landscape and portrait design, these cards are perfect for any business. *Cell Phone Web Banners Template* - Online display banner templates. Ideal for re-marketing and retargeting campaigns. *Industrial Styles for Photoshop* - 9 premium Photoshop text effects and layer styles to give your text an aggressive look. *Metal Text Styles for Photoshop* - 9 metal Photoshop text effects and layer styles. Turn your text into beautiful pieces of metallic art with one click, no multiple layer styles needed. *Social Media Logo* - Have an online social media business? Here's a fun logo template to experiment with. *Techy Web Buttons* - 8 web buttons, grouped and organized in an easy to edit kit.


  • All Photoshop Documents require Adobe Photoshop CS4+

15 iOS App Templates

Quickly Turn Your App Ideas Into Reality With These Premium Templates

By Iconnice | in Design


Don't spend countless hours creating and developing your own app, just use one of these professionally designed, gorgeous templates and get your app idea up and running in no time. You get 15 iOS app templates in PSD, HTML, jQuery, and PHP format. TOP FEATURES
  • Working contact form with dynamic javascript validation
  • jQuery enhanced: Fancybox, easySlider1.5
  • 100% hand coded HTML PSD files included.
THE TEMPLATES Wooden Light Brown Grey Blue Spring PhotoSeal Manage iPad App Yellow iPad App Red Black iPad App Grey Photo Album iPad App Grey Leather iPad App *WriteThings iPad App* *iClock* *iBlackBoard* *Iconnice Media* *iWorkeasy*


  • Compatibility (IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • PNG transparency code

Hand-Crafted Design Elements & Vectors

Unique Assets For Your Design Arsenal

By Wing's Art & Design Studio | in Design


A collection of artwork packages including vintage Art Deco backgrounds, Travel Labels, Halloween Characters, and high-quality Playing Cards. The usability and unique design of these elements make for a varied bundle worth keeping for when that perfect project arrives. A unique bundle of hand-crafted design elements and vector artwork that can used across a wide variety of projects, provided in easy to use and fully editable file formats. TOP FEATURES
  • Best-selling design elements and vector artwork
  • Fully editable (compatible software required)
  • Suitable for a wide variety of projects
Art Deco Backgrounds Halloween Characters Travel Labels Playing Cards


  • Adobe Illustrator CS1 (Playing cards require AI CS5 or above)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS1 (or above)
  • Some fonts are required to replicate visuals as shown. All fonts used are freely available from sources such as Google fonts

500 Universal Web Icons

Streamline Your Next Design Project

By Vectorain | in Design


Upgrade your icon arsenal before your next design project with these 500 icons. High quality and available in AI and EPS format. The Icons


  • Adobe Illustrator to edit AI and EPS files

The Growth Hacker Bundle

12 Web Apps To Grow Your Business

By HackerMonthly | in Software


Whether you're starting your own business or just want to improve your general business intelligence, this bundle gives you a great head start. With subscriptions to thirteen top-ranked services committed to helping you hone your entrepreneurial talent, you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. **For several of the subscriptions you will need to enter your credit card. In order to not be charged simply cancel your subscription before the trial ends.**


*Crazy Egg* - Create tests to run on your website that deliver results about your users' behavior. With several heat mapping tools at your disposal, your users' behavior is displayed using clear visuals. *What you'll get: Pro plan for 3 months - new users only* *Moz* - Top notch inbound marketing analytics software. Also creators of the web's most vibrant online marketing community and provider of free resources for learning inbound marketing. *What you'll get: Pro plan for 3 months - new users only* *Heap* - A web and mobile user analytics tool that will automatically captures every user interaction so you can measure everything instantly without having to push code or wait for data. *What you'll get: Full-featured plan for 4 months - new users only* *LaunchBit* - Want to create newsletter marketing? LaunchBit is an in-email advertising network that'll help you do lead generation by placing ads in high quality email newsletters. *What you'll get: $100 campaign credit - minimum $500 campaign budget* *Growth Hacker TV* - Hustlers don't watch cable. Growth Hacker TV is an educational resource for founders trying to grow a startup. *What you'll get: Membership for 3 months - new users only* ** - The analytics API you've always wanted. Send your web, mobile, and server data to Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Heap, and 50+ others with the click of a button. *What you'll get: Startup plan for 3 months - new users only* *Stride* - Designed with small businesses, startups, and freelancers in mind, Stride is a simple and efficient sales tracking application so you can manage, develop, and collaborate on new business with anyone you work with. *What you'll get: Any plan for 3 months - new users only* *SendGrid* - Cloud-based email infrastructure that allows you to easily integrate email functionality into your web applications. *What you'll get: Bronze plan for 6 months - new users only* *Visual Website Optimizer* - The world's easiest A/B testing tool, with 3000+ customers worldwide. *What you'll get: 5,000 visitors/month for 3 months - new users only* *RJMetrics* - A business intelligence platform for high growth online businesses helping e-commerce and SaaS companies analyze their customer lifetime value, calculate their end-to-end marketing ROI and perform advanced cohort analysis. *What you'll get: 50% for first 3 months - new users only* *HitTail* - Drive targeted search visitors to your website by helping you optimize your SEO efforts. Find and focus on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic *What you'll get: 25% lifetime discount - new users only* *AdRoll* - The web's largest retargeting platform that aims to make effective advertising techniques simple for businesses of all sizes. *What you'll get: Full access for 1 month - new users only* *Vero* - Helps you convert more customers by sending targeted emails based on what they do or don't do on your website. *What you'll get: Small plan for 2 months - new users only*


  • Strong web connection and updated browser to access services